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About Us

On any given day we are providing a safe haven for 100+ Homeless Veterans. The Albany Housing Coalition programs include secure transitional housing, permanent housing, Section 8 housing vouchers and ongoing assistance to Veterans who live in private apartments throughout the community.

Outreach / Education

In this area, we have brought the plight of Veterans to all area homeless providers in an effort to expedite services, we visit regularly those areas where homeless Veterans congregate, and we actively engage returning Veterans. Our homeless Veterans are exposed to career education, suicide prevention training, life skills, and financial literacy. 


This is critical and we target our efforts both to returning Veterans and to Veterans at risk. Our Homeless Prevention Rapid Re-Housing Program has provided needed resources to 68 at-risk Veterans over the last year. Our returning Veterans program is built on a peer support model that embraces the Veterans need to reintegrate when they come home. 

Housing / Supportive Services

The obvious and essential need for a homeless person. Our coordinated case management and peer support program, coupled with our transitional and permanent supportive housing and access to Section 8 subsidies, link the Veteran to a home and to supports. 

Income / Employment / Benefits

Our homeless Veterans Employment Program puts 44 Veterans to work on average each year; 70%+ retain their job for more than 9 months. Once a week, a NYS Department of Labor Veterans Specialist has hours at our office to assist Veterans. Our case managers assist with benefits each week with a NYS Benefits Counselor. 

Community Partnerships

We have established working relationships with a variety of community organizations, businesses, and local governments with our understanding that ending Veteran homelessness is indeed a local effort.

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Meet Our Team

Joseph P. Sluszka

Executive Director

Joe is a leader in the veterans community with 16 years experience leading AHC’s programs and staff. Joe has 35+ years of non profit management experience and a passion for social and economic justice. His vision has brought AHC’s programs to national attention and he attributes the organization’s successful programs to listening to the needs of  homeless veterans and hiring veterans to achieve the organization’s goal to end veteran homelessness—one veteran at a time.

Lyn Mack

Director of Finance

Lyn has worked for the Albany Housing Coalition since 1993 evolving with community partners to provide comprehensive services and affordable, safe housing for low income and Homeless Veteran families. She is responsible for accounting, grant reporting, human resources, and rental management. A favorite pastime is visiting with those living at our Richard J. Conners Residence. 

Lee Vartigian

Director of Veterans Services

Lee is the Director of Veterans' Services at the Albany Housing Coalition. He completed a 28.5 year military career with the US Army and NY Army National Guard. His second career as Director taps into all his skills and is a perfect fit to take care the of Homeless Veterans in our community. Lee  counsels Veterans and their dependents, and refers to appropriate agencies or service providers, including helping them complete any applications or other forms. He also administers various welfare and Veteran's benefits including pensions, compensation, hospitalization, outpatient treatment, education, burial and other benefits available under state and federal programs. 

Warren Youngblood

Community Base Program Manager

Warren has served our nation in the United States Army for 23 years. After his retirement, he joined the Albany Housing Coalition staff in June of 2015 as an SSVF case manager. In 2019, he was promoted to the newly-created Grant per Diem case manager position. Warren is responsible for the coordination and strategic placement of previously homeless veterans and their families by engaging rapid re-housing and homeless prevention efforts using temporary financial assistance. He also works with other service providers to assist Veterans in achieving housing stability. He is honored to be a part of the Albany Housing Coalition and feels privileged to support the mission, our veterans, and their families.

Jeff Turner

Henry Johnson Veterans House Case Manager

Jeff served in the United States Army for over 12 years as a section chief in the Field Artillery. After his discharge from the service, Jeff went to school and ultimately earned his masters degree in social work at the University at Albany in 2017. He joined the Albany Housing Coalition (AHC) in that same year as the SGT Henry Johnson Veterans House case manager. Jeff conducts intakes, coordinates services between the various departments of the AHC, the VA, and other local community agencies and manages the medical, mental health, and substance abuse treatment for all Veterans House residents. He also provides assistance with the housing process and oversees the daily operations of the Veterans House.  Jeff has three adult children; he lives in Clifton Park, NY with his Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Biscuit.

Sara Hendry

Veteran Services Manager

Sara joined the staff at the Albany Housing Coalition in April of 2017. Previously, she worked with vulnerable Albany and Troy residents as a case manager with Catholic Charities. Sara oversees the Rapid Rehousing for Homeless Veterans program at AHC. She screens potential Veterans and if eligible, enrolls them in her HUD funded housing subsidy program. Veterans are provided with case management services while in the program with the desired outcome of independence in permanent housing. Sara also provides case management for the 12 residents at Connor House. Connor House is located in North Albany and provides permanent housing for 12 formerly homeless, disabled Veterans.

Daniel Brunner

SSVF Program Manager

Daniel is the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) Program Manager at the Albany Housing Coalition. He is a retired Sergeant Major where he completed a 22 year military career in the United States Marine Corps and the New York Army National Guard. His second career as Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program Manager is rewarding. He supervises and organizes activities and functions to ensure goals and objectives specified for the program are accomplished. Daniel's priority is to rapidly house Veterans who are homeless and to prevent evictions and recidivism. This includes the provision of rental assistance, food, furniture, utility arrears, moving costs and child care. 

"Homeless and at-risk Veterans need more than just shelter. We must give them the tools to empower themselves and reclaim the self-worth and dignity which comes from occupying a place in the American dream. It is a dream they fought so hard to defend for the rest of us." 

Larry DePaulo

SSVF Case Manager

Larry is a Veteran Air Force Officer who's been with the Albany Housing Coalition team since February 2015 as an SSVF Case Manager. Larry provides comprehensive housing case management to low income Veteran households identified as homeless or at risk for homelessness towards stabilizing their housing circumstances. Larry also assists with Veterans rapidly resolve their homelessness through identifying viable permanent housing options. Connect veterans to VA and non-VA services to support long term self-sufficiency as well as advocate on behalf of Veterans with landlords social service agencies and other service providers. Conduct follow-up with Veterans to ensure their housing situation remains stable.

"Please Lord, help me get one more."
–Hacksaw Ridge

Luis Barsallo

Health Care Navigator

Luis has 20 years of service in the United States Army. He has had multiple deployments and has worked as an Operations Supervisor overseas. Luis has been awarded the Army’s Bronze star and he's obtained a Bachelor degree from the University of Charleston. After retiring Luis joined the Albany Housing Coalition in 2020 as the Health Care Navigator.  As the Health Care navigator, he’s responsible for providing services that include connecting Veterans to VA health care benefits or community health care services where Veterans are not eligible for VA care. As the Health Care Navigator, he also provides case management and care coordination, health education, interdisciplinary collaboration, coordination, and consultation. Luis works closely with the Veteran’s primary care provider and members of the Veteran’s assigned interdisciplinary treatment team and acts as a liaison between the SSVF grantee and the VA or community medical clinic and works with a population of Veterans with complex needs who require assistance accessing health care services or adhering to health care plans.

Tyrone Alexander

Veterans Services Manager

Tyrone is the Senior Case Manager working with residents of the Veterans House since 2003. Having studied to become a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor, he fosters the personal growth of residents helping them to overcome the barriers of homelessness. Tyrone helps Veterans with substance abuse, mental health, behavioral health and physical health concerns. Under his care Veterans will be provided one-on-one case management, referrals to benefits, employment, legal counsel and permanent housing options.  

Sandra Sutherland

Veterans Services Manager

Sandra joined Albany Housing Coalition in 2003. She has over forty years of human service expertise. She coordinates our Shelter Plus Care program. Shelter Plus Care is a Section 8 plus case management program for Homeless Veterans. The participants are diagnosed with substance abuse and/or mental illness. Sandra provides short-term supportive counseling, referral to numerous other agencies that participate in the continuum of care. Some include the Stratton V.A., AHA, Capital City Mission, Senior Hope, and Equinox. She maintains a roster of local landlords who provide housing to Shelter Plus Care applicants. The participants are supported through monthly and as needed home visits. Sandra instills all she encounters with HOPE. 

Fawn Dalton

Rental Manager

Fawn is a United States Navy veteran who served for 3 years in California. She is the housing assistant for the Albany Housing Coalition for the past 6 years. She assists clients with DSS paper work (clients who do not have income). Fawn also helps clients in getting their birth certificates, collects rent and program fees from clients who are residing in our Veterans House and other properties. She generates a monthly Affordable Rental List for the public who are looking for apartments. Fawn collaborates with several landlords who have apartments for rent throughout Albany and Schenectady.

Phil Vartigian

Facilities Director

Phil is the Facility Director of the Albany Housing Coalition. He and his team oversee the safety and security of 14 properties and 72 units of housing. An additional 9 units are scheduled for occupancy in 2021. His valuable knowledge of building mechanicals along with his dedication to the community are key to making those we serve safe and feel at home. 

Desi Gerace

Facilities Manager

Desi is the Facility Manager for the Albany Housing Coalition Inc. He comes to us with a very strong background in all aspects of maintenance with a special emphasis in the plumbing arena. Desi works directly for the Facility Director and helps to maintain all of our organizations properties to include our Flagship property the Sergeant Henry Johnson Veterans House.

Our Mission

Our goal is to improve the retention of housing by Veterans who were previously homeless and are transitioning to permanent housing from programs such as GPD or VA's Healthcare for Homeless Veterans (HCDV) and Contracted Residential Services (CRS) Program.

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